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I was cruising CBC today and saw fellow craft council member Tara Bryan’s name jump out at me from the from page of the website. Her work is amazing and she’s an incredibly talented, well-spoken and intriguing person with whom to chat. I had the pleasure of being in the booth next to her at the Anna Templeton Christmas Sale over the weekend and can vouch for her talent, of which I am in constant awe.

Even cooler is that she lives just up the coast a little from me, in Flatrock, Newfoundland.

For a look at her creations (and a glimpse into the mind of the artist), check out her website!

Congrats on the article, Tara!


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I have finally gotten around to starting the “Supplies” page for this blog. I’ve been meaning to do it for some time now and now it’s done. Or at least started. It should be on-going; as I get more sources and information, I’ll update it.

It’ll probably only be really useful to those living in my area (or visiting).

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