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Cool! A review of our show by Joan Sullivan in our local newspaper, The Telegram…..


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Because many most of you who read this blog will not be spending thousands of dollars to fly to Newfoundland to see the show, I have taken some rather quick pictures of what’s in it and have made a blog page for them. At the time that these pictures were taken, we hadn’t adjusted the lighting. I intend to pop back to the gallery with a tripod and the proper photo lights to take better shots and will upgrade the photos on this page as I do. Also, it is a real nuisance to shoot framed works without a filter and with sunlight streaming in from all angles. I’m not sure how I’ll remedy the glare, but I’ll figure out something.

Those of you who will have the opportunity to come along to the opening or to see the show while it’s up, please be advised that the real thing glows and has a depth that cannot be captured by photography. The dimensionality of the fibre medium doesn’t really translate well into a flat photo. In other words, it’s so much better in person. You might wish to resist temptation and not look at the photos until after you’ve been through.
Swing by and have a look any time from Sunday afternoon onwards!

Devon House Gallery, 59 Duckworth, next to the Hotel Newfoundland/Fairmont.

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Well, it’s up on the walls. There are a couple of things that need tweaking. The lights have to be directed specifically at the pieces and the tags haven’t yet been put on the walls, but the work is hung and looks great.

Here’s the crew at work this morning, day 2. Laurie, the rug hooker and textile artist with whom I’m having the show, is at left. Katherine is busily creating masterpieces on the floor.

Hanging around

And finally, it was all up. Deep breath. Thought I might be able to take an evening off….

Almost Done
… but I still have a speech to write, some other work to take care of and am doing an interview tomorrow morning with Angela Antle of CBC. It’s air on the Weekend Arts Report. Gulp.
So there it is. Hung and ready to go.  I’ll post pictures of all the the work as soon as I get all the information formatted.


 a quickr pickr post

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We started hanging the show today. Overall, it went quite well. We spent a couple of hours moving things around and then the patterns formed and the pieces coalesced into a show. I frankly didn’t expect it to happen that quickly and was rather surprised at how well everything merged, especially since Laurie and I haven’t really compared and contrasted our pieces frequently throughout.

We have another day of scrambling around on ladders and dropping nails before it’ll be done. Then we gawk at it for a day or two and make sure that nothing needs tweaking.

I understand that some artists leave the hanging process entirely to the gallery coordinator. I don’t work that way myself. While I’m making a piece, I often have (even subliminally) an idea of how or where it would look best. This is, in a sense, a part of the construction of the piece and needs to at least be considered when displaying the piece publicly. In some cases, my ideas are sound, in others, they flex. A good gallery coordinator listens (and Sharon, down at the Craft Council Gallery absolutely rocks! Plus she knows how to hang textiles).

When you go to hang a show, pack yourself a little toolkit. The gallery will probably have many things, but you really don’t want to stop the whole process because their Robertson screwdriver went missing (as happened today).

This is what I took. You can tailor the list to your own medium and needs:

  1. screwdrivers – full set or all sorts and sizes, along with a ratchet set
  2. thread (various colours)
  3. needles
  4. really good, fine scissors
  5. fishing line
  6. finishing nails
  7. hammer
  8. fabric pens
  9. safety pins
  10. Advil
  11. extra screw eyes
  12. wire

Revision! Add the following to the list:

  1. level
  2. measuring tape
  3. square 

Please note the screwdrivers. And the scissors. We needed both today, despite an inordinately well-equipped gallery toolbox.

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