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Update: these pieces are sold, but I have others here that are similar. Please contact me using the contact form below if you are interested.

These are among the batch that is foiled and ready to go off to shops (on consignment). They also come in golden, wintry light blue and autumnal russet backgrounds. If you are interested in one of the above, or any other colour variation, please fill out the contact form below (careful not to confuse it with the comment form!).

blue birches

dk blue& grn birches

5.5″ x 9″
Hand-dyed cotton background with commercial fabric for the trees.
Details are hand-inked and the leaves are gold, silver and copper foils.
Price: $38 CDN

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I am, in the spirit of spring, clearing out some stock from my studio. You can see the first lot posted here.

All of the stock is of good quality. There is nothing wrong with it other than I simply need the space (both physical and creative) more than the stock at present.

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I’ve just gotten my online sales up and running and things seem to be smoothing out wrinkle-wise. I’ll be adding things over the coming days, as I get the photography done and have a chance to work through inventory.

I can be found at http://www.Vickyth.etsy.com . The shop can also be reached through the links on my homepage http://www.seastrandsstudio.com

I am also now set up to take PayPal, so should you see something posted that you wish to purchase, it should be quite easy. The theory is that you don’t even have to have a PayPal account to purchase. We’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks. Please let me know if you experience any problems.

Stay tuned for more products!

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